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BushMaster TAZ401

BushMaster TAZ401 rotary cutter attachmentThe Tazmanian Slasher is the ideal attachment for clearing brush with your compact loader.

This unit will provide superior cutting performance for years to come. Ideal for that overgrown area.

Did You Know?
All of our BushMaster motors have hi-pressure seals and have a #6 O-Ring Boss fitting port for the addition of an (optional) case drain.

This makes our cutters perfect for heavy commercial use!

BushMaster TAZ401 Specifications:

Specification Information
Cutting Width 42 in.
Cutting Capacity 3 in.
Cutting Direction Bi-Directional
Hydraulic Minimum 10 gpm
Hydraulic Maximum 18 gpm
Weight 480 lbs.
Blade Carrier Stump Jumper*
Deck 1/4″ Reinforced
Hot Dip Galvanized Yes
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