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BushMaster SL601

BushMaster SL601 Skidsteer rotary cutter attachmentOur Blade Carrier is not round and it’s incredibly strong!

This gives┬áThe DEVASTATOR MAXIMUM Cutting Efficiency to get the job done right…and FASTER!

Did You Know?
All of our BushMaster motors have hi-pressure seals and have a #6 O-Ring Boss fitting port for the addition of an (optional) case drain.

This makes our cutters perfect for heavy commercial use!

BushMaster SL601 Specifications:

Specification Information
Cutting Width 72 in.
Cutting height)

0-3 in.
Cutting Capacity 5 in.
Cutting Direction Bi-Directional
Hydraulic Minimum 21 gpm
Hydraulic Maximum 26 gpm
Weight 1,140 lbs.
Blade Carrier Devastator*
Forged Blades 2
Vertical Cutting Yes
Drive Direct
Relief Valve Protection Yes
Hot Dip Galvanized Yes
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